Female Pleasure Anatomy (sexual healing path) [women only]

This workshop is for people with vaginas ready to reclaim their natural sexual aliveness in their bodies, and life as a whole. Our genitals hold the necessary codes and our orgasmicness is the missing piece to activate them.

We will address female pleasure from two perspectives — as a science to be understood and as mysterious form of Art that requires our surrender to the Unknown.

Mapping our anatomy of pleasure is a direct bridge to our true essence: we dissolve shame, release suppressed emotions, and allow our life force energy to flow again. This helps us be better attuned to our needs, desires, and boundaries. Here, instead of fumbling around in the dark (quite literally) hoping to get things “right”, we will be able to instead choose to own our experience of pleasure.

Thus, pleasure anatomy is one of the most empowering tools you can learn when it comes to navigating the multifaceted realms of sexuality.