Orgasmic Heart Meditation (sexual healing path)

Did you know you can move your sexual energy upwards into the heart and circulate it through your whole being? Have you ever felt an "orgasm" emanating from your heart space? Would you like to be able to produce this feeling and share it with others close to you?

It takes a willingness to be soft, humble and open to let yourself be touched so deeply by life and our life force energy. Deva Presence has created a simple yet profound practice for moving orgasmic energy into and through the heart space. Vibrating the pleasure cells of the heart, this energy can be transmitted to you and others.

This is a non-explicit energetic form of meditation done with clothes on and needs NO form of erotic touch from others. We begin by activating the energy body with very special practices that invigorate the cells and open you to feeling deeply into the potential pleasure the body holds.
Deva will then bring in breathing exercises, body wisdom practices and loving heart connection to transition you into a full mind-body-energetic process to produce the experience of "Heart Orgasm" in Anahata Chakra.