Go Touch Yourself (sexual healing path)

It's what is says on the tin. And a little bit more... Join Dara and Simon on an intimate exploration of the art of getting utterly NAKED and then celebrating yourself in your most alive, orgasmic version. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love another. It’s been said before, but are we really getting it? On our endless search for “the one”, we constantly miss the one that is inside of us all the time. In this session Dara and Simon invite you to explore the HOW to love yourself down to the most fleshy level - whether you are alone or in partnership. It will open the door to your inner guru, who is quite literally hidden inside your pants - no joke! Begin relating to your whole self from a place of love rather than fear, unworthiness, shame and pain and see how deeply it will transform all of your relationships… Come and rewire your pleasure pathways, unkink your self love hose and clear the blocks on the path to embodying your full ecstatic self.