Tantric Tribe Party

On Friday morning, you are invited to select one of the three tribes that can help you awaken and strengthen your spirit. By embodying this energy and creating a special ceremony with your tribe, you can invoke your hidden strength. We encourage you to pick a tribe that suits your development best.

Wild Tribe Woman

Wild Nature Tribe
To awaken your wild and animal nature.

Envoking your natural raw primal energy, to become powerful in your own body, connected with nature and strong tribe family.
Through the tribe ceremony, you awaken your animal spirit and wild natural element.

Wild Tribe Woman
Elemental Tribe Man

Elemental Heart Tribe
To awaken your playful and joyful heart.

Invoking your heart energy, to become one with the elements of mother earth, let creativity and playfulness flow and be connected with the tribe from the heart.
Through the tribe ceremony, you awaken your adventurous heart and creative spirit.

Elemental Tribe Woman
Mystical Tribe Man

Mystical Spirit Tribe
To awaken your higher energy and intuition.

Awakening your higher vibration, to become connected with spirit and mystical energies, tap into the higher frequency while being rooted in your own body. Become a vessel of light and spirit.
Through the tribe ceremony, you channel higher energies to heal and give support.

Mystical Tribe Woman

Meeting of Tribes

On Friday 20:00 there wil be a gathering of the tribes. Presenting themselves in their own unique way. To embody their developed spirit and share their essense with the other tribes. It will be a party like nothing you have ever experienced.