Rakesh and Elfriede

Welcome to the Tantra Gathering.
With great devotion we create a gathering, where you can explore in a safe en conscious way.

After hosting the Tantra Festival Amsterdam for some years, we felt it is time to expand and host a larger event as well, with private accomodation possibilities and for larger groups of people.

Since 2011 the OpenUP Festival has been hosting great festivals at Castle De Berckt, and Rakesh has been part of them as well. The variety of spaces that this venue is offering gives many opportunities to host beautiful workshops and grow each year.

For many years we have been professionaly hosting events throughout the Netherlands, we are now looking foreward to have an amazing Gathering here with you.


Grew up in the Osho commune and received Sanyas at the age of four. After many years travelling in India by himself receiving various meditation techniques, initiations and inquieries. He started hosting Tantra workshops in 2005 with Art of Loving. After some years he developed an amazing Tantra practise called Tantric Dance. Since 2007 he has been sharing this dance meditation form and it is now know worldwide.
He has trained teachers and this made it possible to be shared at many places throught the Netherlands and Belgium.


Has a passion to combine sensuality, body work and energy work. With much joy and creativity she organises events and gives workshops https://elfriedevandersanden.com.
When she got in touch with energy work when she was on the film academy, her passion for consciousness work started. She traveled to India, to explore herself, and after that, she had many years of dedicated self development. She got a big recognition in the Advaita, Healing Tao and later in Tantra. "I love to see the spark in people's eyes and to see them becoming alive!". Together with her beloved Rakesh she puts her heart and soul in creating events that have the intention to liberate people.

Tantra Festival Amsterdam